Top 4 activities hotels should provide to guests in Egypt in 2019

As a hotelier, you do all your best to arrange everything to meet your guests’ expectations. Meanwhile, potential clients are searching not just for a delightfully designed place to spend a night, but the community, entertainment, and extra services, especially if they are going to stay at the resort hotel. That pushes you to search for something new to gain their loyalty. So, what activities will satisfy their demands in 2019?

1 Spa packages

Wellness is the indisputable trend in the hospitality industry; and among all activities of this sector, the most desirable one is Spa sessions. Most of the clients who come to resort hotels want to escape from all the problems and pressure of everyday life bustle and get relaxation. So, give them a hand with that.

In addition to accustomed mud therapy, precious metals, and stones, such as silver, gold, pearls, and amber, have proven their effectiveness. For example, silver ion baths improve skin tone and defeat fatigue, and can even treat various skin diseases and infections because of its antibacterial qualities.

And it is important to mention, that child-friendly well-being services are getting more popular.  So let your guests who come with their children enjoy spa sessions as a family. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz may give you some insights to implement family spa programmes in your hotel.  

2 Kids Sections

Modern kids are growing in a totally different environment than previous generations and demand a different type of fun. Of course, they still enjoy regular beach games and sports activities, but they require entertainment with more advanced equipment.

In this case, a labyrinth can be an exciting one. The structure of the labyrinth allows installing it indoors or outdoors. It gives the kids a chance to socialize and have mutual games with new friends.

Another thing will make modern kids excited are moving figures. Besides, they are instagrammable and, consequently, will not leave indifferent their parents who will be happy to use them as a background for pictures of their children and share their posts on social media.

3 Cycling 

Cycling is an undoubted social trend in Egypt that is suitable for any person at any age. But what benefits hotels can get from it?

As Egyptians are getting more aware of the benefits of cycling they want to try it outside of the busy cities, especially when they can’t find time for it during their working years. As concerns foreign guests, they adore cycling and enjoy sightseeing while cycling. However, they face problems searching for bike rent. Help them to avoid extra hassle with it and arrange this activity on behalf of your hotel. It isn’t costly and doesn’t require any extra effort from the hotel’s side to arrange it.

4 Water activities

Water activities are always enjoyable and no one can imagine vacations in Egypt without them. They vary from placid swimming in the pool to extreme diving in the Blue Hole of Dahab.

Over the last couple of years floating water parks are on the top of the source of joy for the resort hotels. Aqua parks are not a new idea, but aquatic playgrounds are more than regular water slights. Since 2007, they have been developing and now, thanks to technology, they constitute such playgrounds as Poolplay and  Splash pads.

Another water activity trend is Standup Pedalboard. It is suitable for those guests who are not into idly sunbathing and who are always excited about staying active during vacations. It requires less energy to move across the water with as you would do with a Paddle Board. With a Pedal Board, all your guest has to do is hold on to the handlebars and pedal while a Paddle Board requires physical paddling. It’s noticeably easier for beginners to maneuver extremely comfortable ride.

In a nutshell, preparing for the new touristic season must be hectic as your potential guests are getting less loyal and more saturated with regular activities. That encourages hoteliers to follow the trends and offer something new. Some of such innovations like water parks may require significant waste of sources while others, like bikes, are not costly and can also bring some societal credits. But all the activities we mentioned above are definitely worth to take into consideration. Which to implement is up to you.